Review InStyler - Pros and Cons Before You Buy

You have may have noticed the InStyler on television commercials or heard people talking about it, and want to know more about this product. There are plenty of individuals out there with an opinion, but wouldn't you rather learn about pros and cons from a large group of unbiased reviewers?  We'll review InStyler pros and cons and let you make up your mind for yourself.

We have taken dozens of reviews from independent forums so you can have a broad view of the real consumer feedback for the Instyler. The first thing that jumps out is that the number of positive reviews for the InStyler greatly outnumbers the negative reviews. On average, two out of every three reviewers would recommend this product to a friend. There are far more five star reviews than any other rating, and the really poor reviews are dwarfed by four and five star reviews.

Don't be fooled by an outspoken reviewer who bought something for pennies on the dollar only to discover it was a fake and couldn't return it where she bought it.  Many reviewers note that the three-year warranty is great, but just as you would expect, the quality is built-in when you buy the real thing.

We will look at both sides, so you will get the an unbiased review of how just how satisfied (or dissatisfied) consumers are with this product. We are going to highlight the main issues that we have been able to pull from the forums of users that we have found to be the most relevant and repeated views.

One of the biggest complaints expressed on the negative side is that the InStyler caused heat damage to their hair. Experts will tell you that dry hair is much more easily damaged than healthy hair, and heat damage can be prevented in two ways. First, you should always use a deep moisturizing hair product enriched with protein every time you wash your hair. Second, use the right amount of heat and don't cook your hair. Work small sections and work quickly and you'll be happy with the results.

Many reviews noted that the adjustable settings on the InStyler were just right for different styling techniques. Use the high heat setting for straightening your hair and use the low heat setting to get rid of frizzes and get nice shine with a flip. The medium setting is great for adding curls and volume.

A few reviewers said it was not completely effective when used on naturally curly hair. Also, we have seen reviews where people complain that their results are not are not the same results that they have seen on television. This is not a majority opinion, but its worth noting. Once again, great looking hair starts with moisturizing and conditioning before using the styling tool. Realistically, damaged hair needs moisture and protein before it will look the way you want, and thicker hair just takes a little more time to style. On the other hand, we have seen plenty of satisfied reviewers saying that the InStyler is actually a great investment, because it cut the time needed to style their hair in half and the results are shiny soft hair.

On the positive side, most people love their InStyler, and said that the InStyler was actually inexpensive compared to purchasing lots of expensive styling tools and hair products that did not deliver nearly as much value for what the InStyler produced in a few minutes. The majority of reviews gave it five stars and that speaks volumes for the value and results you can achieve.

An important point brought up by some reviewers suggest that if you have never used a styling iron before, that you style your hair in front of a mirror until you become an expert. Always be careful and learn to move the InStyler away from your face, so that you will minimize the risk of coming into contact with the Instyler’s hot surface. Work small sections at a time and go slow until you get over any awkwardness when you first start using it.

Based on reviews, we would also recommend that you focus on even, downward strokes to achieve the best results when using the InStyler. Experiment with different heat settings and try using it with wet hair to get rid of frizzies.

Many times it just comes down to personal preferences but based on the reviews out there, it really does work just like you've seen on TV so you will really get professional looking results at home. Beware of fake look-alikes sold for half the price, and be sure to buy from a reputable retailer so you will get the real InStyler experience.